Mar 3, 2012

Getting an international drivers license in Delhi (Mayur Vihar), India

It is my firm belief that with knowledge we all can make corruption go away. I therefore, am writing this post, to tell about the procedure of getting international driver's license from Mayur Vihar tranport authority in New Delhi.
I was expecting to use an agent, but was able to successfully get the International drivers licence in 1.5 hrs. Infact, kudos to the people in the office, because they all seemed to be working hard to get things done on time, which was actually surprising to me.
  1. You need your visa, passport, and current drivers licence, and two photographs.
  2. Get a form from the office near the gate. This form includes a form for doctor also, which can be filled in and certified by any doctor. This is the only step that might take time, but you should be able to find a doctor nearby. I carried a report from max hospital of my checkups done a month ago, but they were not accepted.
  3. Get your form stamped.
  4. Pay the fees (Rs. 500 in Jan 2012).
  5. Get your photograph done (in the office itself).
  6. Then go to the last counter, and the person manning it is very busy. He will ask you to wait for sometime, and then issue you an international drivers licence.

I tried to ensure that I don't make perfect the enemy of good, hence tried to write up a process quickly to get out the minimal information. I will keep updating this article to enrich it with more details. Any suggestions on this are welcome.

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